Proposition 28 Receives No Official Opposition In Voter Guide

Initiative Boosting Arts and Music Education in Public Schools Without Raising Taxes Achieves Rare Measure of Broad Support

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (July 27, 2022) -The Prop. 28 campaign announced it received no official opposition in the state’s official Voter Guide that gets sent to all registered voters. It is rare for propositions to receive no opposition statements – an indication of the incredible breadth and depth of support for the popular measure. “It is incredibly rare for propositions to receive no opposition whatsoever in the Voter Guide. It’s just the latest indication of how incredibly supportive voters are of Prop. 28 which increases funding for arts and music education in public schools without raising taxes,” said Ned Wigglesworth, general consultant for the campaign. Prop. 28, which would provide Arts and Music funding to all public schools in California, has garnered broad support from community groups, artists, creative industry leaders and labor organizations. The official announcement of no opposition comes as support for Proposition 28 continues to grow. Endorsements include SEIU California, California Teachers Association, California State PTA, the California Community Foundation, Los Angeles Urban League, SAG-AFTRA, and the California Music Educators Association among many more. The coalition also includes a long list of artists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders including Dr. Dre,, Issa Rae, John Lithgow, Jeff Bridges, Fender Music, NBC Universal, Universal Music Group, and many more. Prop. 28 continues to gather support as November approaches. Barely 1 in 5 public schools in California has a dedicated arts teacher. The irony is stark as California is the capital of the world’s creative economy which provides 2.6 million jobs across the state. This measure would provide the nearly 6 million public school students in California with access to arts and music education, with additional funding provided to schools in high-need communities.

About the Measure:

The Art and Music in Public Schools measure will provide more than $900 million annually for arts and music education in every PK-12 public school in the state, without raising taxes. Additionally, the measure:
  • Does not raise taxes–funding comes from the state’s General Fund.
  • Benefits all students in every P-12 public school in California, with extra funding going to help children in high-needs communities, in particular Black and Latino students.
  • Ensures that California’s media, technology and entertainment companies better reflect the diversity of children in public schools.
Visit here to read the full text of the measure.To learn more about the benefits of arts and music for children please read Art for Life’s Sake by the Academy of Arts and Sciences.For a partial list of all coalition members supporting the campaign visit here.###

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