Effort to Increase Funding for Arts and Music Education in California Public Schools Officially Qualifies for November Ballot

California Teachers Association (CTA) Announces Endorsement of the Measure

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (June 08, 2022) – Californians for Arts and Music Education in Public Schools announced that the Arts and Music in Public Schools measure has officially qualified for the November Ballot. The ballot measure will receive a Proposition Number by mid-July.

According to the Office of Secretary of State Shirley Weber, the initiative has collected enough valid signatures from California voters to qualify for the November 8, 2022 General Election ballot. Voters will now have the opportunity to ensure the nearly 6 million kids in California’s public schools have access to arts and music education–without raising taxes. Currently, barely one in five public schools has a full-time arts or music program.

“Teachers, families and the entire school community recognize how much this effort will benefit every child in public schools in California,” said Austin Beutner, Proponent of the Ballot Measure. “Together, we can create a brighter future for public school children and make sure the workforce in media, technology and entertainment better reflect the diversity in our schools.”

Today’s announcement comes as the California Teachers Association (CTA) announced their endorsement of the measure. CTA is the unified voice of educators in California’s public schools with over 310,000 members.

“Arts and Music education is critical, and no one knows that better than educators. This measure will help educators across the state provide all students with access to arts and music education,” said CTA President E. Toby Boyd. “This ballot measure leads the way in California–and the nation–in making meaningful change that will help students. CTA proudly supports this ballot measure and encourages all voters to vote YES for Arts and Music education in November.”

About the Measure:

The Art and Music in Public Schools measure will provide more than $900 million annually for arts and music education in every PK-12 public school in the state, without raising taxes. Additionally, the measure:

  • Does not raise taxes–funding comes from the state’s General Fund.
  • Benefits all students in every P-12 public school in California, with extra funding going to help children in high-needs communities, in particular Black and Latino students.
  • Ensures that California’s media, technology and entertainment companies better reflect the diversity of children in public schools.

Visit here to read the full text of the measure.

To learn more about the benefits of arts and music for children please read Art for Life’s Sake by the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

For a partial list of all coalition members supporting the campaign visit here.


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