Prop 28:

An investment in the next generation

Arts and music education plays a critical role in the development of students in K-12 and beyond. Unfortunately, only 1 in 5 public schools have a full-time accredited arts or music teacher.

Without raising any new taxes, Prop 28 would rectify this by making the largest investment in arts and music education in the country, helping put students on the path towards a successful future with a good-paying job.

Arts education supports cognitive development.

Arts education from a young age engages all the senses and wires young minds for successful learning, building gross motor skills, spatial reasoning, and bolstering memory and language acquisition. 

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Arts support school readiness and educational outcomes.

Arts education has been linked to improving math and reading skills, as well as improved school attendance, and individual self-confidence and motivation to learn—particularly among low-income and other at-risk students.

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Arts programs improve equitable conditions.

Students from low-income backgrounds with an arts education are less likely to drop out of school, more likely to receive a research degree, and more inclined to pursue a professional career.

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Music and arts are linked to supporting students’ mental wellbeing.

The arts build emotional awareness that help young minds engage, be resilient, and foster empathy—all critical skills for success beyond PreK-12.

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The ballot measure has passed, delivering arts and music education for ALL public school students!

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Join the more than 1 million Californians – including business leaders, teachers, artists, musicians, and arts organizations – who have signed on to support Prop 28.


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