Los Angeles County Business Federation Endorses 2022 Ballot Measure to Increase Funding for Arts and Music Education

LA BizFed Joins Other Business Leaders In Supporting Investment in a Diverse Workforce for the State’s Creative Economy – Without Raising Taxes 

LOS ANGELES, California (June 16, 2022) – The business alliance LA County Business Federation has endorsed the Arts and Music in Public Schools Measure that will appear on the November statewide ballot in California. The growing support from the business sector for the measure highlights their support for the measure’s investment in arts and music education without raising taxes. The Arts and Music in Schools Measure, which would be the largest investment in arts and music education in the country, hopes to make arts and music education available to all students regardless of background to ensure more opportunities to explore career paths in the creative industry.

“We’re excited to have the LA County Business Federation join the more than 1 million Californians who signed a petition in support of the measure. Together, we can create a brighter future for public school children in California and make sure the workforce in media, technology and entertainment better reflects the diversity in our schools,” said Austin Beutner, Proponent of the Ballot Measure.

“This measure shows that California can make the needed investment in education without raising taxes. Southern California’s creative sector feeds the nation’s economy. By enriching the school experience of all California students today, we’ll nourish the well-rounded, diverse workforce we need tomorrow,” said Tracy Hernandez, BizFed Founding CEO.

The measure is set to receive an official Proposition number in July. If more than 50% of California voters approve the measure in November, it would become law. The additional funding will be provided to schools beginning in the 2023-24 school year. This measure will accomplish the following:

Provide ongoing, annual funding for Arts and Music Education in public schools of almost $900 million, a more than 50% increase from current levels.

It would do so without raising taxes.

All students in every Pre K-12 public school in California would benefit from extra funding going to help children in high-needs communities, in particular Black and Latino students.

Ensure that media, technology and entertainment companies better reflect the diversity of children in public schools. 


Visit here to read the full text of the measure: 21-0036A1 (Music and Art Education).pdf

For a partial list of all coalition members supporting the campaign visit here.

To learn more about this initiative as well as sign up for updates and volunteer opportunities, please visit: https://voteyeson28.org//



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